About Us

Established in 2010,  Soi 71 offers authentic Thai cuisine, street food and fusion favourites. One of the most popular herbs used in Thai cuisine and universally revered as the Queen of herbs for its spiritual and medicinal  properties, the Holy Basil is the brand logo for Soi 71. We do not use artificial colouring, msg, preservatives or chemicals. Separate stock is used for Vegetarian items. Our food is safe for everybody, including pregnant women, children and the elderly.

We are open all day with delicious food and ***** service. All items are cooked fresh. This means we can customize your order to your preferred level of spice and heat. We wish you a joyful meal!

The Soi 71 Family.

A message from the owner: ​

If you wondered about our name…
Our original location was on Road 71, Gulshan 2.
‘Soi’ is a Thai word meaning Road/Street. ​
After seven years in our original location, we moved. The road number changed but my dream was always to bring the Soi style or streetstylefood from Bangkok to food lovers right here, in the land of 71. ​
71 is a symbolic number representing the origin of our restaurant and the country’s year of liberation. It is a reminder that strength and success come from effort and struggle. Soi 71 symbolizes my own path to independence. With deeper and stronger roots from twelve years in the restaurant business, it gives me great joy to announce that we are growing bigger.​
Thank you for being with Soi 71, the culinary gem that connects the community through the joy of eating. 

There’s more to come!   ​                                                                                    


Soi 71 services extend to :

Live Grill on the garden
Complimentary balloon décor for special occasions
Birthday/Anniversary free flower bouquet
Free Karaoke
Free Projector set up for meetings, conferences, games
Catering with Waiter and Buffet Set-up for private parties outside 
Free Direct Delivery for a 5 mile radius
High Tea services featuring luxury canapés 
Garden Party
VIP room
Special holiday offers
Free WiFi